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Imperials v1.2 - Map Editor

·2 mins
A familiar board game in a new avatar.

tl;dr create and play with your custom maps at

Today, we ship the map editor of Imperials in the newest update. The map editor enables you to unleash your creativity and create custom maps to play Imperials on. You can start creating maps right now here!

Map Editor
Play with custom maps on Imperials!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Your first step to start with would be setting the map size according to your needs 📐
    Remember you can always change the map size later.
  • You can then set each hex to a tile type. This can be random, fog, or a tile type of your choice.
  • To choose a tile type, click on a hex to cycle through the tile types.
    You can also right click on the hex to reset to random, or cycle through fog and sea.
  • Once your map structure is ready, choose the distribution of numbers for the tiles.
    The total number of numbers must equal the tiles, excluding any deserts.
  • You can then choose the distribution for the random and fog tiles.
  • Finally, place the ports on the map by clicking the dots on the hex edges. Set the port type distribution in the right window.
  • Your map is now ready. Give your map a funny name and click on the “Save” button.
  • All Imperials can play the game using your map now, by selecting it from the “Community Maps” section before the game is started.
  • Have fun playing your map on Imperials!

Map Editor
Imperials Map Editor

In this update, we have also fixed other issues with the game

  • New feature: Show the cards required to build anything on hover
  • New feature: Show the market trade ratios while offering trades
  • Fix a bug in Master Merchant when the other player has only one card
  • Improve the robber placement and trading logic of the bot
  • Fix random error messages during bot trading
  • Typo corrections to the rules page
  • Fix in bug in the lobby and spectating games

Go build new lands!